We are here, live, for you.

In times like these you should experience the benefits of a strong support network. Now more than ever it’s important to be connected and take care of yourself and each other. As a Work & Lifestyle agency for Global Talent in Technology we want to support you in any way we can.

We think it’s wise that you familiarize with the arrangements that have been made to support employers such as; shortening working hours, financial aspects, deferral of payments by municipal arrangement, and possible implications for you.

You may wonder about questions like:

  • ‘My employer is asking me to take unpaid leave, what should I do?’
  • ‘My employer is applying for NOW, how does this affect me?’
  • ‘I cannot travel to the Netherlands because of a lockdown, is my job at risk?

We would like to hear about any problems you are facing, so we can see what kind of support is possible. You are more than welcome to talk to each other, to us, to let us know what you are running into and where we can best support you. For now we are especially curious, how are you doing?

You can enter the CONG CLUB here, don’t forget to cross the box LIVEBLOG.

We communicate in English (or Dutch) and participation is free. Feel free to share this invitation in your network!

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Actually we’re all about you!

We help reach your full growth potential and job satisfaction, so you can get the best from yourself. Starting ànd continuing to work with positive energy. Empower yourself and bring your own support network to the workplace. Better alligning business interests and your personal wants and needs. A CONG CLUB membership shows that you’re serious about investing in your professional and personal growth. Together we shape the future of work.

Cora van Ingen – Creator of CONG Makes IT Feel Good